Google Reader - Marking all items in all feeds as read [How To]

I have been an avid user of Google Reader since it was introduced. I have more than one hundred feeds subscribed, each one categorized in an appropriate folder. I get around 150 feeds each morning, and if I had decided to read all of them, my boss would have been too happy about that. But each morning, I manages to complete my feed reading in just half an hour. How?

Two features of Google Reader comes to my help.

  1. List View.

    Always select the list view. This shows the title of each article. If it is something that interests you, click the title to read the full post. In Expanded View you have to scroll through all the post to find whether there is any post that you might be interested.

  2. Mark all as read.

    If you are someone like me, you hate unread feeds as much as unread emails. It makes me think I have unfinished business, takes my concentration away from where it ought to be. So I always make my unread feed count zero before leaving Google Reader. Hit the magic button.

    It's holiday season, and most of you returning after holidays may find them selfs drowning under a large pile of unread feeds. Selecting individual feed and hitting "Mark all as read" can be quite tiresome when you have a large number of feeds subscribed. Google has provided a rather neat solution for that. Select "All Items" from the top left menu. This displays all posts from all your feeds. Now hit "Mark all as read". You have your unread feeds reseted to zero. Peace