How to increase the size of C drive using space from other drives

by Anoop Engineer 11 comments

By default Windows stores all the user's documents, the installed programs and the system files in the C: drive. As a result of this C: drive is the one that gets filled faster than other drives. Once the free space in C: drive (or any other drive) becomes very low, Windows starts to show the above annoying balloon pop up message. How do you solve such a problem? Just read along.
Scenario: The free space in your C: drive is in MB range while any of your other drives (D, E ...) have ample space. Since most of the programs require some space in C: during running/installing, you will find yourself unable to do your daily PC work as you would normally do, in this situation.


  1. Create an empty folder in any NTFS drive(D, E ...) that has ample space.
  2. Run diskmgmt.msc from the Run command.

  3. Right click on the C: drive and select "Change Drive Letter and Paths" and click on "Add"

  4. In the window that appears, specify the path of the empty folder that we created in step 1.

  5. You can see that the folder that we created now appears as an exact copy of the C: drive and the that size of the C: drive have magically increased.

Comments 11 comments
Anonymous said...

Great thing to learn. Dharmaraj

Anonymous said...

That's a very lame advice - the size of the C drive did not "magically increased" but left unchanged - instead I just created a copy of the C drive, taking away a huge chunk of my D drive... Thanks, Einstein!

Anonymous said...

@above post,
Windows will stop to work properly when the size in C is reduced below acceptable range. This hack is better than nothing in such cases.

Anonymous said...

What is the best solution then
I do not mind spending some money
I have 15G in the C Drive and over 400GB in the D Drive

I need to ADD Photos to the My Pictures Folder

Anonymous said...

Nothing has increased. I done that new folder in my H:/ drive. It has created a folder which has copied all the files which are in C:/ and thus unnecessarily taken the space of my H:/ drive. Anyway, this is something to learn about disk management.

Anonymous said...

if we dont want any exact copy just want increase size of c then?

Anonymous said...

thanks a million. u dont know how much respect u deserve.thanks again


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Your post is really informative for me. I liked it very much.

Anonymous said...

It worked for me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How to create Create an empty folder in any NTFS drive(D, E ...) that has ample space?

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