Firefox Tips and Tricks [Did You Know?]

Firefox 2

Did you know that

  • the keyboard shortcut for opening a new tab is Ctrl + t, and that to undo closing a tab is Ctrl + Shift + t ?

  • that double clicking empty space on the tab bar will open a new tab and middle clicking on an open tab will close it?

  • that you can remove any address from the url bar drop down list by highlighting it and pressing delete key?

  • that you can stop animation of GIF images by pressing ESC key?

  • that you can still save images when right click context menu is disabled by dragging the image to the url bar and selecting Ctrl + s

  • that you can recover accidentally deleted bookmarks by opening the Bookmarks Manager and selecting Edit -> Undo (Ctrl + z)

  • that there is a smarter way to search for words than the Ctrl + F dialog that you use? Just type / followed by the search words. Search for next occurrence using Ctrl + g

  • that you can see the list of installed plugins by entering about:plugins in the address bar and hitting enter?

  • that you can alter any web page by entering javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0 into the address bar and hitting enter?