Never Say Oops Again or How Not to Forget Attaching Files

Mail 1:

Hi Boss,
Please find attached the review report, that you have earlier requested.


Mail 2

oops, forgot to attach the file.
Please find it now.


Does these mails look familiar? I bet it does. It happens to you and me all the time. Saying that you have attached a file and not finding it, makes the recipient question your credibility. Especially when you are sending some document like your resume to a future employer.

So before sending a third mail like:

Oops, I forgot again.
Please find the required document now.


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Thunderbird users: Install the Attachment Reminder extension.

When ever it finds text like attachment or files in the mail body but doesn't find any attachment, it prompts the user before sending the mail. The text that it searches can be configured easily. So if you have the habit of just saying "PFA the stuff", that can be configured too. (For the geek, this extension supports regexp matching).

This is a plugin that Thunderbird can consider taking into itself, similar to the Lightning extension in Thunderbird 3. There are a number of similar extension available for Thunderbird, bur Attachment Reminder blows them away, because of its regexp pattern matching support and the ability to avoid quoted message in search.

Outlook users: Head over to TechTrax. (Warning: Geeky programming ahead)

Mail.app users: The Attachment scanner plugin seems to be pretty good and works out of the box. It has been translated into a number of languages and is also open source.

As a general thumb of rule, always attach the files first, compose the mail and then add the names of recipients.

What are the little tricks that you use, to avoid oops mail? Let us know in the comments.