Truecrypt 5.0 in Ubuntu Walkthrough [How To]

Our favorite disk encryption software TrueCrypt, have released a new stable version - TrueCrypt 5.0.
The new release contains highly demanded features like

  • a GUI for linux
  • Mac OS X version
  • linux version of TrueCrypt is no longer affected by the changed in the kernel.
  • faster read and write speed in Windows.
  • and more

DailyGyan decided to take a ride of the new Linux GUI and downloaded version 5.0 from the TrueCrypt website [direct link]

Then we extracted the tar file :

and then we went into the extracted folder and installed the deb file:

When the installation completed, we couldn't find any menu entries that TrueCrypt made. Nevertheless, we hit Alt + F2, typed in truecrypt and hit enter.

The below GUI came up which looks very much similar to the one its Windows counterpart.

We decided to create a new encrypted volume and selected the "Create Volume" button. The wizard came up.

We decided to create a hidden volume. But oops...

OK, it isn't fair to ask for everything and the kitchen sink in the first release (btw kitchen sink is promised to come in a later release).

We went ahead a created a standard truecrypt volume. This worked smoothly. Mounting/ dismounting using the GUI is a breeze.
It automatically adds an icon to the tray.

Closing the application simply minimizes it to the tray (something that Rythmbox can learn from). Clicking the tray brings up the UI. Right clicking this menu icon brings up a nifty context menu with commonly used action items like Mounting and Dismounting. It also contain a preference option, which brings up the preference window. (Found a bug here - the X in the top right corner of the window wasn't closing the preference window. You have to select cancel for this. Are you finding this issue?)

However, the lack of a menu item to launch the application seemed a little bit frustrating. We would have liked it, if it launched itself on startup, add an icon to the tray and sat there silently. At last we found a way to do this. Just go to System -> Preferences -> Sessions and add a new startup program with the following command:

truecrypt --background-task

This runs TrueCrypt in the background mode each time you boot up. Happy encrypting.

Note: For the inquisitive, you will find a user's guide in /usr/share/truecrypt/doc