Create and share emoticons of your face. [Web Apps]

Feeling bored by all those yellow smilies? Are you craving for a change? Well, here is a unique way to express your emotions - use your own face.

Head over to onthafly.com. Take a picture of yourself with a web cam and share it. onthafly.com is a new web application powered by Google App Engine.
This is what they tell about themselves:

OnThaFly is the central place for creating and sharing emoticons using photos of yourself. Take your picture, add it to the system, and tag it in your personal emoticon gallery. You can then:
  • Share your latest OnThaFly photo: http://onthafly.appspot.com/YourUserName example
  • Group your friends latest OnThaFly photos: http://onthafly.appspot.com/photos/YourUserName+TheirUserName+TheirMom'sUserName example
  • Share your mood by appending a emoticon to your personal OnThaFly URL: http://onthafly.appspot.com/YourUserName/:( example
  • Send your emoticon RSS feed to friends, family or your favorite social aggregator: http://onthafly.appspot.com/rss/photos/YourUserName example