Dilbert gets a face lift, goes Web 2.0, but hates Linux.

The ever popular Dilbert comics website gets a face lift. The cartoon strips have gone color and the site gone beta! Welcome Dilbert 2.0.
The new site layout is definitely eye catching, easy to navigate and very much Web2.0ish.
The new features of the site are:

  1. Mashups: Change the dialogs in the comic strips, create your own punch lines and share it with your friends.
  2. Community: Readers can vote for their favorite comic strips and share their favorites with the world. Users can collaborate with other in creating comic strips.
  3. Animation: Yes , Dilbert really kicks ass now. Literally.
  4. Share: You can easily share the comics and save links in all major social networking sites. And for the Dilbert fans blogging out there, you can embed the comic in your blog.
  5. Widgets: Grab Dilbert widget for Facebook, MySpace and iGoogle here.
  6. Full Archive: You are no longer limited to one month of archive. You can enjoy Dilbert dating back to 2001.
  7. Search: Filter the archive by favorite characters. For example, find all the comics in the archive featuring Dogbert or Catbert or Asok, etc., plus any combination of characters.
  8. Blog: A new blog!
Additional note: Dilbert doesn't like Linux.

Happy Dilberting.