How To Disable Extension Install Delay in Firefox. [Firefox Gyan]

by Anoop Engineer 9 comments

Whenever you install an extension, Firefox will show the above message box. Initially the Install button will be grayed out for 3 seconds, during which you have to sit there, watching the timer ticking down. Even though there are very good reasons why such a delay is put in force, still some of us have felt the need to remove that.
If you are a Firefox addon-surfer (hey, we coined that term :D) who installs (and obviously, uninstalls) a couple of extensions every day, the 3 seconds delay can easily become a time sink.

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You can easily disable the installation wait by a simple about:config hack.

  1. Type about:config into the Firefox address bar and hit enter.
  2. Click on "I'll be careful, I promise!" button.
  3. Enter security.dialog_enable_delay into the Filter text box. Double click on that preference value and change the value to 0
Try to install some addons now and you will notice that there is no wait period in the dialog box that pops up.

Comments 9 comments
Eric S. Mueller said...

Thanks, I appreciate that. I understand the need for such a precation *for some people*, but I've always considered it an annoyance, just like the requirement to save .exe files to your desktop before you can open them. (The Open Download extension fixes that.)

Anonymous said...



Karl L. Gechlik said...

This is an awesome tip! I knew it had to be in there somewhere!

Warm geeky regards,

Karl "TheAdmiN" Gee.

matt said...

Is there a way to stop the delay on the Download Actions box? like when you save a file you have to also wait 2 seconds for the greyed out button to appear



Anonymous said...

For god's sake, yes, can anyone turn off that delay? It is annoying as hell. I open thousands of PDFs, and (a) Firefox can't seem to remember to use the default app, even though I've checked "do this every time", and (b) I have to wait before clicking "open" for two seconds. Two seconds x 1000 times = pissed off user.

ATOzTOA said...

Really useful, I have always hated that.

When the Download Dialog comes, I haven't noticed much delay.

If the button is greyed out, I normally double click on the 'greyed button', which does the trick :)

Anonymous said...

When I do development, I install/reinstall my extension about 50-100 times a day. There is no reason to wait for 3 seconds after your remove an extra / in your XUL file.

Victorinox replica watches said...

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Anonymous said...

This is nice. I was always using an extension to make this work, and the extension no longer worked on Firefox 4. This couldn't be easier.

I will admit it makes me wonder why the extension doesn't work anymore, though. It's the same preference in Firefox 4 and 3.

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