There is some parody in the Air - Whole collection of MacBook Air Ad parodies [Fun]


"There is something in the air today" said Steve Jobs before introducing the new MacBook Air. Lets just say "there is some parody in the air today".

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You had probably seen this ad that made the Apple fan boys worldwide drool over their shirt.

Here we presents some of the best parodies that were ever made for this Ad video.

  1. Worlds largest envelope.

  2. Apple stole my design.

  3. What to do when money and battery runs out.

  4. Introducing the latest MacBook Helium

  5. Get a Sony Vaio instead.

  6. MacBook Paper.

  7. Get an HP.

  8. Wonder NoteBook

  9. Presenting the thinnest person.

  10. Most easy to return notebook.

  11. I can fit into an envelope too.

  12. MacBook again.

  13. I am with stupid.

  14. Presenting the IBM Air.

  15. The thin obsession.

  16. Why the hell not?

  17. Starring: "the laptop".

  18. Starring: "the desktop"

  19. Worlds thinnest hamburger.

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Did I miss your favorite one? Which one is the best? Please say in the comments.