Convert Your Images Into Ascii Art [Web Apps]

Want to get easily noticed in social sites? Convert your avatar into an amazing ASCII art to make heads turn.

Here we give you 5 web applications that allow you to convert an image in your hard disk or internet into an ascii art.

  1. AsciiConvert

    AsciiConvert is one among the best image to text converter out there. It has a wide range of options to vary the image quality, an option to export the ascii art as a PNG image, a gallery where you can view art created by other users and an option to get a direct link to your ascii art for use in other sites/forums.

  2. IMG2TXT

    Almost same as the above service, except that it lacks many of the features like a gallery and exporting to PNG image. But it have some extra bells and whistles - you can mention which alphabets to use, what is the desired width etc.

  3. ASCII Art Generator

    An extremely simple image to ASCII converter. There are just two options to mention: whether you want 'Black on White' or 'White on Black'. Upload a picture and you are done.

  4. ascii.mastervb.net

    As can be seen from the above image, this tool produces the best result if you want the output to be in HTML rather than pure ascii text. This is also the only service which allows you to type some text and convert it into ASCII art.


  6. A flash based Ascii art generator which looks promising but lacks usability. The 'Upload' and 'Generate Html' options are using pop-up windows which Firefox was happy to block. Moreover it accepts only JPG files of 60x50 px. What distinguish this from the others is the option to draw the image in ASCII blocks, which creates a more realistic picture. Of all, we found this one to be the best for creating really cool avatar pics.

An ascii art can make your signature look cool. You can copy paste an ascii art into a forum when image uploading is restricted by the forum admins.
We at DailyGyan is currently running short of idea waves. So what other uses can you imagine for an ascii art? Tell us in the comments.