Find What Font Is Used In A Logo Or Image [Web App]

What is the font that Google uses in its Logo?
It's a font called Catull BQ-Regular.

Now, how did we find out that? Welcome to the new Web App WhatTheFont. If you are a designer or a font addict, this is one site that you are going to fall in love with.

Using WhatTheFont is dead simple. Just upload the image/logo or give the url to the image. WhatTheFont will try to guess the alphabets in the logo. You can fine tune this auto-detection and once this is done, you get to know the name of the font used.

Actually, you can see the logo written out in a number of fonts that WhatTheFont thinks matches your logo, and usually the first one itself will be the correct find. You can also compare your logo with different logos that WhatTheFont churns out in matching fonts and find out the font yourself.


WhatTheFont [via]