How To Get Free Linux CDs and DVDs Delivered To Your Home For Free.

You can always download your favorite Linux distribution from the Internet.
But what to do when you don't have an Internet connection or your existing connection is either too slow or too costly? Here, we give you a list some distribution vendors who will send you CDs or DVDs of their latest Linux version to you, absolutely free of cost!.

  1. Ubuntu

    Ubuntu is the most user-friendly Linux OS out there, whose popularity is growing day by day. You can get a free CD of the desktop and Server edition of the latest Ubuntu distro shipped to your home (wherever it is, in this world) absolutely free of cost, through the Ubuntu Shipit program . All you have to do, is to create a free account at Launchpad and then use this link to get as many CDs as you want.

  2. Fedora

    Fedora is a community supported, RedHat sponsored Linux distro. You can get a free DVD of fedora through the Free Media Program, which is a volunteer driven program that aims to distribute Fedora Core DVDs for free to individuals. Visit this link, and use the 'Request Form' to get yourself a DVD of the latest fedora.

  3. Oracle Enterprise Linux

    Oracle is giving free media of their Linux distribution under the name 'Unbreakable Linux'. You need to visit this page and register with your shipping address. Oracle will send the 2 DVD set to this address.