Import Your Documents From Google Docs To Zoho




Wow!, another Zoho update in the same day! It was just hours before when we announced that you can now login to Zoho using a Google Apps Account. Zoho still continues to amaze us at the speed of rolling out new features.

Within hours, Zoho have rolled out another feature - Importing Google Doc documents into Zoho Writer. This is what you should do.

  1. Login to your Google Docs account & choose the documents that you need to export to Zoho.
  2. Click on More actions -> Save as HTML (zipped) to your desktop.
  3. In Zoho Writer, click on Import -> Import Google Docs, select the zipped file path and click Import.
  4. All the Google Docs documents in the zip file will be imported into your Zoho Writer account & will be displayed in the left panel.

In addition to this, Zoho have rolled out other new features like a Equation Editor and exporting to LaTeX. You can read about it here.