Increase The Number Of Recommended Addons That Firefox3 Displays [Firefox Gyan]

One of the most appreciated change that Firefox 3 brought about was the revamped Addon Manager.

Addon manager, now have a "Get Addons" tab which displays a list of addons that Mozilla recommends for you. By default the Addons manager displays 5 recommended addons. This hack explains how you can increase the number of recommended addons.

  1. Enter about:config into the address bar and hit enter.
  2. Hit "I''ll be carefull. I promise!" button.
  3. Type extensions.getAddons.maxResults into the filter field and change its value from the default 5 to a higher number.

Note: It seems that Firefox or the Mozilla site imposes a restriction by which only a maximum of 8 recommended addons can be queried. Even if you set the above value to a number greater than 8, you'll get only 8 recommended addons.

Happy Firefoxing.