Login To Zoho Using Google Apps Account [How To]

The popular online office suite Zoho, recently announced that the are opening their gates to all Google users. Anyone with a Google account will be able to login to Zoho, without having to register at Zoho. A pretty nifty trick to attract a wide base of customers and not suprisingly this movement was widely appreciated by all.

But what about the Google Apps users?
It seems that they are not left behind either, just that the method to login to Zoho is not just straight forward for them.

Google Apps users, this is what you should do to login to Zoho.

  1. Login to your Google Apps domain.
  2. Go to Zoho login and select Google Sign-In.
  3. Confirm that you want to use your Google Apps account
  4. Grant Access to login to Zoho.

Just remember that you need to login to Google Apps before trying to sign into Zoho. Else, Zoho simply assumes that you want to sign-in using a normal Google account.