Remember The Milk Provider Extension For Thunderbird. [Thunderbird Gyan]

Thunderbird fans using Remember The Milk, gets another reason to cheer. The popular task manager and GTD application - Remember The Milk now has a provider plugin to sync with Thunderbird.

A good guy named Micheal Wu made an extension, which works along with Lightning extension to bring RTM to your Thunderbird. Using this extension, you get bi-directional access to your RTM tasks. You can add tasks, delete them, modify them and set their priorities, right from Thunderbird.

  1. Install the Lightning extension for Thunderbird, if you haven't installed that already.
  2. Download Remember the Milk Provider extension and install it.
  3. Restart Thunderbird.
  4. Go to Calendar view (Ctrl + 3) and select File -> New -> Calendar.
  5. Select "On the Network" and hit Next.

  6. Select Remember the Milk Provider. You don't have to care about the Location text field. Click Next.

  7. Give a suitable Name for the Calendar. Your RTM to-do list will appear as events in this calendar.
  8. Now, you will see that a new task has been added to your task list in Thunderbird's main screen, which reads "Please Authenticate RTM. Open me to see how". Double click on this event. There will be an address in the description of this event. Go to this address using your web browser and you will see this screen.

  9. Click on "OK, I'll Allow it". Now come back to Thunderbird's task list and mark the "Please Authenticate RTM..." event as completed.
  10. That's it. If everything went as expected, you'll see a message box saying you are authenticated and your RTM tasks will appear immediately in Thunderbirds task pane.

You can add, delete, modify these tasks from Thunderbird itself. To find out what more you can do with this little extension, watch this video that the extension author himself have made.

Do tell us what you think about this addon in the comments. Once again, thanks to Micheal Wu.

Remember the Milk Provider extension.