What to do when Outlook gets stuck on sending large attachments?

You got a really funny video that you couldn't resist emailing to your friends. But now, that fat video attachment have clogged your Outlook Outbox. You are unable to send the urgent status report to your boss due to this. Moreover, Outlook is teasing you with error messages on trying to stop sending mail or delete the  mail in Outbox. What to do?

Stop biting your nails and read on.

  1. In Outlook, select File -> Work Offline.
  2. Take Outbox and drag the fatso mail to your Drafts folder (or if you have hated this damn mail enough by now, delete it). Once in Drafts folder, you can edit the mail and try to slim it down before attempting to send again.
  3. Deselect File -> Work Offline to resume sending and receiving mails.


via [Microsoft Outlook Blog]