Get Notified When Firefox 3 Is Ready For Download [Firefox Gyan]

Are you waiting eagerly for the release of Firefox 3?

We bet you are. So are 80,731 Americans, 14, 457 Canadians, 13,656 Russians, 6,889 Indians and a total of 492,238 people worldwide.

Huh!, what about the numbers, you ask? This is the number of people who have pledged to download Firefox 3, on the day it is released.

Firefox 3 is currently in Release Candidate 1 (RC1) version. There will an RC2 coming soon and if there are no major bugs found in RC2, it will be released as Firefox 3 somewhere in June. And, the Firefox team have a really big plan for this day...

Firefox team is all set to create a new Guinness World Record of the most software downloaded in24 hours. If you are interested to try out Firefox 3, they will get you informed immediately when the release is ready for download, so that you too can contribute to help Firefox get the Guinness World Record.

Just visit this page, click on 'Pledge Now', give your country name and email, and they will get you notified when Firefox 3 is released.

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