Add Branding to Your Windows System Properties Window [Geek Tricks]

You can display the Windows System properties by using the Windows key + Pause/Break key or right clicking on My Computer and selecting Properties.

This window displays vital information about your computer and in case you bought the PC from a branded manufacture, their logo would be shown at the bottom. Wouldn’t it be cool to change this logo and have your blog’s logo (or even your photo) and URL (or your name) there instead of the manufacture’s logo?

We are going to transform this:



into this:

Here goes the steps:

  1. Download this zip file. It contains two files – oeminfo.ini and oemlogo.bmp that you need to extract to your C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder.
  2. If your System32 folder already contain these files, create their backup copies somewhere and overwrite them with the files in the zip archive.
  3. Now, if you take your System Properties window, you can see the DailyGyan’s geek mascot there.
  4. You can edit oemlogo.bmp using any image editors – MS Paint, Gimp, Photoshop etc. or create a new image from scratch. The final logo need to be a bmp file of size 180×114 pixels, named oemlogo.bmp and put into C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder.
  5. You can edit oeminfo.ini using any text editor like Notepad. In this example I have given the manufacture name as http://www.DailyGyan.com/ and model name as Monster PC. Take a look at how it appear in the System Properties window.

If you take a look at oeminfo.ini file, you can see some lines beginning with Line1=, Line2= etc. Any text put in these lines are displayed when you hit the Support Information button.

You can use this field to save stuff like your PC’s Tech support number, your local geek’s number, your blog’s address, wife’s birthday, anniversary dates etc.

What do you think of this geek trick? Tell us how you can make this more useful. What else would you put into the Support Information field. Tell us in the comments.