Know The Date When Your Windows Was Installed [Windows Gyan]

You may want to know when your Windows was installed for a couple of reason.
  • You are buying a second hand PC and if the owner claims to have never reinstalled the OS, then you can know the approximate age of the PC by knowing the installation date.
  • A good many number of Windows users, have the habit of re-installing Windows every six months / one year. This helps to keep the windows-bloat under control. You may need to know the installation day to schedule your next re-install.
  • You can find out if a retailer is trying to sell a used PC as brand new (provided he was dumb enough, not to wipe the system clean).

Whatever be the case, the method to find the Windows installation date is damn simple.
Take a command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd), and enter systeminfo.
This command will show you way too much information, so better pipe it to some text file using systeminfo > info.txt.
Scroll up and you can find the field Original Install Date, which gives the date and time when Windows was installed.