Slideshare's Best Presentation Contest 2008

Slideshare.net, the youtube for hosting presentations, is conducting a competition - World's Best Presentation Contest 2008.
The process is simple. Users submit their presentations. The community votes it up or down and finally the best among them are selected by a panel of reputed judges.
Slideshare conducts the Best presentation contest every year and with each passing year, the quality of the submitted presentations are improving greatly.
You can see the winners of year 2007 here.
Here, we give you ten most popular contest entries for this year.
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  1. The BIG Idea
  3. What The F**K is Social Media?
  4. The Eluvator
  5. Me
  6. Present! - Edition #1 Rethinking Presentation Design
  7. Presenting with text
  8. Foot Notes
  9. Patagonia Argentina
  10. Amazing Amazon

The first prize of the competition is a MacBook Air. Can you predict which one will get that? Share in the comments.