Defrag Your Windows Registry with Quicksys RegDefrag

Windows Registry tend to accumulate junk over time.

Almost every program in Windows write stuff into registry, but only very few are written by good programmers who think about deleting their entries when application exits  or gets uninstalled.

As the number of installed programs increase and simply as time progress, the number of zombie keys or left over entries that are not owned by any application, increase in the Windows Registry. Greater the garbage in windows registry, slower will be the process of accessing the registry and hence slower will be the performance of the PC.

So, you get the point that removing unwanted registry entries will increase PC performance. And there are already many tools like CCleaner, which does exactly the same. But the tool that we introduce to you today, called the Quicksys RegDefrag goes over the top by claiming that it provides even better performance improvement by defragging the windows registry.

This is what it does according to the developers:

It's a freeware utility to defrag registry. Quicksys RegDefrag is small, clear and easy. Registry data is constantly being written to and removed during a normal Windows operation. Over time this data becomes fragmented.Quicksys RegDefrag optimizes your registry by removing gaps, fragments and wasted space in Windows registry files. The program does not modify any registry entries.The defragmentation improves performance and boosts access to the registry.

Though we are not so convinced of such a smooth-n-silky claim, the application is surely worth a try because it’s a freeware, has a slick user interface, runs on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008, has been translated to a number of languages, has a portable version and is actively being developed.

Quicksys RegDefrag | Download