Drag and Drop.io Makes File Sharing Child’s Play [Web Apps Gyan]


Drop.io wants to become the simplest file sharing method in the net.

With the release of their new Firefox addon aptly named ‘Drag and Drop.io’ , they have made file sharing more simpler and have taken Drop.io a long way ahead in becoming the simplest way to share files.

Haven’t heard about Drop.io? Then checkout this video.

In essence, you can create upload locations in Drop.io, that are called drop points. Your drop point can be private, public or accessible to a few using a password.

The cool thing about the new Firefox addon is that, you don’t have to visit the Drop.io site anymore to create and share a drop point. Instead just drag the files that you want On timer upload into the Firefox window over the Red dot that sits in the status bar. The addons creates a new drop point for you on the fly and uploads the files to that drop point.

Try this addon. It’s a real time saver. Get it here. (Direct download link)