How To Edit Any Web Page In Firefox [Firefox Extension]

by Anoop Engineer 3 comments


You already know how to edit any web page in Firefox using a simple java script method. But if you are not into remembering that script or making a bookmarklet out of that, here is a simple Firefox addon that gets you the same functionality.

The Edit Page addon is currently in version 1.0. After installing the addon, right click the tool bar area, select customize and add Edit This button to your tool bar. Unlike our JavaScript hack, this one doesn’t change the address in the URL bar. So this would be more suitable to take fake screen shots to satisfy your ego. Just like the fake Adsense report screen shot shown above.

Edit Page

Comments 3 comments
atoztoa said...

Firebug does it more elegantly :)

Check it here... http://www.atoztoa.com/2008/07/10-firefox-addons-i-love.html


laptop deals said...

Firefox browser is better now.

Sinn replica watches said...

Your post is really informative for me. I liked it very much.

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