How You Can Get Increased Traffic By Adding a Yahoo Buzz Up Button To Your Blog

yahoo buzz blogger icons

The entire blogosphere is drooling over Yahoo Buzz, which recently opened its gates to all publishers.

In a single sentence, Yahoo Buzz can be defined as "A Better Digg than Digg". And, a lot of people are expecting it to become an in-evitable digg killer

So what gives Yahoo Buzz an edge over Digg?

  1. Unlike Digg, Yahoo Buzz is human edited. That means, one cannot game the system to get ones submission to the front page.
  2. In case your story went to top, it will be featured in the Yahoo home page and is guaranteed to drown your server in traffic a thousand times more effectively than Digg ever can. If you thought Digg brought huge amount of traffic, think Yahoo Buzz will bring very very very very huge amount of traffic. No, seriously!
  3. Yahoo Buzz is only growing in popularity. The number of articles submitted is also less compared to Digg. That means, your posts will have less competition in coming to top. But of course, this will change as Buzz becomes more popular.

This is what Nick Gonzalez of TechCrunch said about one of their posts getting buzzed:

Somebody buzzed the story, and somebody else did as well. It ended up at the Yahoo front page, which leads to around 300,000 clicks per second. That’s a crap load of users.

– Source: thenextweb.

Though the numbers he says, seems to be too good to be true, the point is pretty clear. Yahoo Buzz can drive tons and tons of traffic to your blog.

Now let’s add a Yahoo Buzz icon to your blog post and make it easy for your readers to buzz your stories.

Blogspot bloggers should add the following snippet of JavaScript to your blog template. (Blogger –> Layout –> Edit HTML –> Expand Widget Templates):

<script type="text/javascript">
yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = <data:post.title/>;
yahooBuzzArticleCategory = "science";
yahooBuzzArticleType = "text";
yahooBuzzArticleId = <data:post.url/>;
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://d.yimg.com/ds/badge2.js" badgetype="large-votes"></script>

Add this snippet preferably before or after the post content. Remember that you cannot add javascript inside a blogger blog post. You have to edit template as said above.

Wordpress users, insert the following code:

<script type="text/javascript">
yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = "<?php the_title(); ?>";
yahooBuzzArticleCategory = "science";
yahooBuzzArticleType = “text";
yahooBuzzArticleId ="<?php the_permalink() ?>";
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://d.yimg.com/ds/badge2.js" badgetype="large-votes"></script>

Both the above snippets add large voting icons to the site as denoted by the badgetype="large-votes" section in the above javascript. You can always change this to an icon that best suits your blog by selecting one from the icons listed in this page.

Happy Buzzing. Note: Despite repeated efforts, we are unable to add a buzz icon to this blog. We are being continuously humiliated by un-interpretable error messages that blogger is throwing our way. (It seems to be an issue with the template that we use here. We have successfully added Buzz icons to many other blogs including blogspot ones.) Till then you can buzz up this post by visiting this link.