New Technology From Microsoft Makes Your Photos Look Really Awesome in 3D

“Finding Paths through the World’s Photos”, is not a name that we would have given to such a cool technology. If you are not tempted enough to check it out, just watch this video.

This is a new technology that Microsoft Research has been working on along with the University of Washington.

If you have heard about Photosynth, a similar technology from Microsoft Labs, you would know that this one pushes Photosynth to its limits. Photosynth helped you present photos in a 3D environment. But in this technology, it not only present the entire photo collection as a 3D environment but it manipulates each images in the collection to give a more life-like 3D experience.

How will it help you? Next time you visit a museum and with an intention to blog about it in your photo blog, keep it mind that using this technology you can give more that just a hand full of photos to your readers. You can create stunning videos from that photos that can take your readers through an experience as if they were actually visiting the museum. Maybe this one will even change the concept about photo blogging.

Finding Paths through the World’s Photos | Research paper