ScribeFire, Blogger Custom Domain And The Image Not Appearing Issue


Have you tried the ScribeFire blog editor? ScribeFire is a Firefox extension, that enables you to edit and post to all types of blogging platform – Google Blogger, Wordpress, LiveJournal and many more.

Within a short span of time, ScribeFire had made such a large number fans that ScribeFire had to name its testimonial page as the World’s largest testimonial page. Yes, ScribeFire team, we buy that.

However, if you are a blogspot blogger having a custom URL, like www.name.com instead of http://name.blogspot.com, then chances are that you may have been bitten by a ScribeFire bug. Images that you upload using Google API mysteriously vanishes. You have double checked the html source of the post and ensured that the <img> tag is pointing towards the image. Still, when you load the blog in a browser, the images are missing.

The Problem

When you upload an image using Google API, you get a link like: http://xyz.ggpht.com/<username>/AB_CDEF123/AAAAAAAAAmk/RANDOM-Letters/s1600-h/image-name.jpg. The problem is that, this is a link to the full size image and Google prevents hot-linking to this image from any domain other than *.blogspot.com. So if you are hosting your blog in a custom domain, the images fail to appear.

In this point of view, this is less of a ScribeFire bug and more of a Blogger bug. The Google image servers ought to know that a blog is hosted under a custom domain name and that domain name should be given full respect, as of the name.blogspot.com address.


Go to the html mode in ScribeFire and go to the image code. It should look like:

<img src="http://xyz.ggpht.com/<username>/AB_CDEF123/AAAAAAAAAmk/RANDOM-Letters/s1600-h/image-name.jpg">

Append the string "?imgmax=800" to the end of the image URL. So, your final html shoudl look like:

<img src="http://xyz.ggpht.com/<username>/AB_CDEF123/AAAAAAAAAmk/RANDOM-Letters/s1600-h/image-name.jpg?imgmax=800">

Now your images will begin to appear normally. Know a better way? Who do you think should fix this bug? Post in the comments.

Happy Blogging.