Google Chrome - HTTPS and SSL Over Proxy Issues

If you are a corporate user behind a proxy server and are using Google Chrome, you must be bitten by the Chrome HTTPS bug, at least once.
Trying to access HTTPS sites, like Gmail or your banking site through a proxy yields nothing but a blank page.
We just scanned the Google Chrome known issues page and saw this:
Google Chrome does not support SSL client authentication.
We know about this and don't currently have a fix.

Not very encouraging isn't it? There is no need to get discouraged, for here we give you three methods that will help you solve this issue:

Method 1: Using a Google Chrome Nightly Build

Though the Google known issues page says that they don't have a fix for this issue, this issue seems to be fixed in the Google Chrome latest daily night releases. Daily Night releases are developer releases made each day and may (will) contains bugs. I have used this one and it seems to work perfectly. Download Google chrome nightly builds here.

Method 2: Using the Portable version of Chrome

Some people report success using the portable version of Google Chrome. Download portable version of Google Chrome here.
Note: This method didn't work for us.

Method 3: Using a Microsoft Firewall Client

This method is applicable only if you are using Microsoft ISA Server as your proxy server.
Download Microsoft Firewall Client from here and install it. In the settings tab, specify the proxy ip address and enable it. In the Google Chrome proxy settings (Options -> Under The Hood -> Change proxy settings), disable any proxy configurations.

If you had any difficulties with any of the methods mentioned above, do let us know in the comments.