Get Chrome Like Start Page In Firefox

One of the main features that Chrome brought about was a revolutionary start page.

Even hardcore Firefox users, who jump at every opportunity to trash Google Chrome, accept that Chrome’s start page is awesome. It’s simple yet powerful and above all - usable.

No wonder people wished that there was an equivalent feature in Firefox. And cheers to some wonderful Firefox extension developers, we now can enjoy similar functionality in Firefox too.

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In today’s Firefox Gyan, we introduce you to two extensions that mimic Google Chrome’s start page.

New Tab JumpStart

New Tab JumpStart

This is an experimental extension, that provides an exact look alike of the Google Chrome / Chromium start page. You’ll need an account at addons.mozilla.org, in order to download the extension. If you don’t have account, feel free to use the direct link given:

Download New Tab JumpStart | Direct Link




Tracer is a relatively young (and again – experimental) Firefox addon that brings chrome like start page to Firefox. It’s lacking in features compared to the above said JumpStart addon, but we found this relatively easy on eyes that the other.

You’ll need an account at addons.mozilla.org to download it from there. Else you can use the direct link provided below.

Download Tracer | Direct Link


Know about any extensions better than these? Tell us in the comments.