Install and Run Different Versions of Internet Explorer Simultaneously

setup2 Web developers and bloggers often need to test their web sites in multiple versions of IE to verify that the pages render properly in all the versions.

But there is a problem. Windows allows only one version of IE in a PC. If you install a new version of IE, Windows automatically removes the older one.

To solve this issue, the guys at Tredosoft came up with a installer called Multiple IE that bundles IE3, IE4.01, IE5, IE5.5 and IE6. Just download it and after installing, you should get ready to use start menu shortcuts as shown.

Note: Multiple IE doesn’t work in Vista. It works properly in Win XP and with certain tweaking in Win 2000.

Those wishing to use IE 7 in portable mode or standalone mode should visit this link. There is also another portable version of IE 7 here. There is also a similar portable version of IE 8 beta that you know more about here.