Can’t Stop Yourself From Surfing The Web? Try LeechBlock.

If those endless web browsing sessions are affecting your productivity, if your boss is expecting a document from you before catching a flight and if you are still at Google Reader, it is time to install LeechBlock.

LeechBlock is a Firefox extension that you can get here (direct download link). After installation, you need to add names of sites that tend to waste your time mostly to the LeechBlock options pane (Tools –> LeechBlock –> Options). You can also configure the time during which a particular site need to be blocked. If you prefer not to visit YouTube.com during your office hours from 9AM – 6PM, you can configure that here.

Now, enable LeechBlock by selecting Tools –> LeechBlock –> Lockdown. Any further attempts to access a blocked site will result in this page:



If you are an extreme web junkie with compulsive browsing syndrome, you might disable LeechBlock from the options pane, disable the extension or even uninstall it. To prevent you from doing this, LeechBlock comes with built-in remedial measures. Go to the Options pane and tick the “Prevent access to options for this block set at times when these sites are blocked.” checkbox. You can also set a password to enable access to the LeechBlock options from the General tab. General tab also contains two boxes that you can check to disable the uninstall and disable extension buttons.

LeechBlock Addons Page | Developer site