How To Clean Up Your Firefox Right Click Context Menu [Firefox Gyan]


The right click context menu of any average Joe Firefox user, tend to accumulate gunk as the number of extensions installed increases.

Almost every extension adds an entry into the contextual menu, due to which the number of entries in the right click menu grows alarmingly huge. Since it is tedious to find a particular menu entry for a long list of entries, many users simply ignore the right click menu and get things done mainly from the tool bar menus.

In today’s Firefox Gyan, we show you how to clean up this right click menu, compact it, make it slim and trim and above all, how to make it much more useful.

Say hello to the Firefox extension Menu Editor – a perfect solution for a messy context menu. This extension allows you to remove and rearrange the entries in the Firefox’s right click context menu. You can simply check off all those menu entries that you do not wish to be displayed and with a bit of experimentation and tweaking, you can produce a simple, clean and uncluttered context menu.

Download Menu Editor