How To Sync Your Windows Live Writer Drafts Between Two Computers

WLW is ‘the tool’ of blogging.

However, if you are a blogger  and if you often blog from multiple computers, you might have wished at least once that WLW provided some built-in mechanism to synchronize your drafts between different installations.

It would have been a nice feature if you could start a blog post from your office PC and finish it off from your home laptop, without the hassles of saving and sending the unfinished post to your personal mail id, saving the draft to Google Docs etc. Yes this is indeed possible. Just read along.

Windows Live Writer stores all the drafts in My Documents\My Weblog Posts\Drafts folder. If you open this folder, you can see a number of .wpost files, named after the title of your draft posts. If somehow you are able to synchronize the Drafts folder between two computers, then you are essentially syncing two installations of Windows Live Writer.

You can use your favorite desktop sync tool to achieve this. We used Syncplicity. Syncplicity has a free version with a storage limit of 2 GB and an excellent Windows client which pretty much did the job for us.

In all the computers that you blog from, install the Syncplicity client. Add the My Documents\My Weblog Posts\Drafts folder to the list of folders to be synced.

That’s it. Now each time you make a draft post, it will be available across your computers.