Read Your Emails In Any RSS Reader With MailOnFeed


MailOnFeed is a free service that converts your emails into RSS feeds that can be then be read in your favorite feed reader like Google Reader or Bloglines.

MailOnFeed currently supports only IMAP accounts, though POP3 and SSL Feed support are expected to be implemented soon.

The service is still in beta phase and users are encouraged to file a bug report if they found one.

Now let’s see how one can benefit from such a tool:

1. If Gmail is blocked in your office, then you can convert the mail to an RSS feed so that you can read the mails at work. Those who want a better way to unblock Gmail at work can visit this page.

2. If you are a frequent user of a RSS reader, then it makes sense to consolidate all your to-be-read data into a single application. This will avoid continuous switching between your email client and RSS reader.

Can think of any other scenarios where this will help you? Share it in the comments.