Turn Your Blog Into A Tabloid [Daily Web App]

Tabbloid.com takes a RSS feed and converts it into a tabloid style, two column, ready to print PDF file. You can then schedule to periodically receive updates as a PDF file or download the current PDF file immediately.
You can add mulitple RSS feeds or URLs and have Tabbloid mash them together for you. Tabbloid describes itself as a HP hatchling project (though we are unable to find out what that means. If you know, please share it in the comments). Try it out here.
What uses can you think of such a service? Well, we can think of the following:
  1. If you have not-so-tech-savvy parents or friends, who find RSS difficult to understand, you can have Tabbloid to mail your blogs as a PDF file to them, periodically.
  2. Great for offline reading. 
  3. Easy to give a sample of your blog at any trade shows, conferences and events, much like a broshure.
  4. Much better to use this for taking printouts of blogs as it uses a much compact layout and hence can save paper.
Can think of any more uses? Tell us in the comments.