Unlock All Protected & Hidden Features In Windows 7 With Blue Badge

Windows 7 demoed in the PDC ‘08 contains some hidden features that are protected using special algorithms.

These include features like desktop slideshow from files and RSS feeds and the touch based panning and gestures feature. Windows 7 (or rather the build used for PDC ‘08 - Windows 7 PDC ‘08 build (6801))will enable this feature only if you login as a permanent Microsoft employee username using a Microsoft domain name.

Windows hacker Rafael Rivera, famous for his uxtheme patch, was quick enough to hack out a patch each time a new feature was discovered. The patch enabled one feature at a time.


Now he have gone ahead and made a small utility – Blue Badge that enables all hidden features in Windows 7, known to date. Blue Badge is currently available only for x86 machines. Be sure to backup the following files before you run this utility as it does not automatically backup the files it patches.

  • \Windows\Explorer.exe
  • \Windows\System32\wisptis.exe
  • \Windows\System32\ieframe.dll
  • \Windows\System32\shell32.dll
  • \Windows\System32\stobject.dll
  • \Windows\System32\TabletPC.cpl
  • \Windows\System32\themecpl.dll
  • \Windows\System32\themeui.dll
  • \Windows\System32\powercfg.cpl

Download Blue Badge 

via Rivera’s Blog