TxtB.in Helps You Twitter More Than 140 Characters [Daily WebApp]


We gyanis really love simple web applications. Applications that does one thing and does it well.

In today’s Daily WebApp, we introduce you to one such application - TxtB.in.

TxtB.in allows you to share text data with anyone in the world in two steps. You enter the text into the text field and hit the save txt button. It then gives you a shortened URL that you can share with your friends to read this text.

Advantages? Many.

  • No user registration required.
  • Simple user interface.
  • No limitation to the text size.
  • Very short URL to the entered text. Very much suitable for sites like Twitter.
  • Creates easy to remember URLs. You just need to remember the ending 2 alphabets to point your friend to the page you created (provided that you can remember the starting txtb.in part).

Some features that we would like to see:

  • Password protection of the created webpage.
  • Ability to delete a page.
  • Direct posting to Twitter, FriendFeed etc.

This might become a killer utility tool among Twitter fans. Twitter limits each post to 140 characters. So if you want to create a twitter post having greater than 140 characters, create a page in txtb.in and tweet the newly created shortened URL instead.

Can think of any other uses of this Web App? Tell us in the comments.