5 Web Apps to Find the Net Worth of Your Blog/Site

About to buy a new blog but doesn’t know whether the price being asked is right? Or did the hard economic down turn forced you to sell off your blog, but you can’t decide what price to quote?

In today’s Daily Web App section, we introduce you to 5 web applications that’ll help you to find an approximate net worth of your site. You may need to revisit this post later. So don’t forget to bookmark this page in delicious.

  1. image$timator – This is a real-time website value estimator. It uses a number of different parameters including the monetary value of the domain name, quality of the website code (mark-up and HTML), past sale prices of similar websites and the current financial market status to give a most accurate value of your site (in dollar and Euro).

  2. image Website Grader – Unlike the Stimator, this one doesn’t give you a value in dollars. Instead it ranks each website after judging many parameters that are mostly SEO related. If you are about to buy a website, use this tool to access how much search engines love that site. This might also helps you to judge the rating of the site compared to that of a competitor site. 
    Website Grader

  3. image Website Outlook – A really simple application without much bells and whistles. Just give it a site address and almost immediately it’ll gives you back its worthiness in dollars. It also shows pretty useful stuff like the Alexa traffic rank, Google page rank, number of back links that the site has its hosting location etc.
    Website Outlook

  4. imagednScoop – dnScoop is a domain name value estimation tool. It helps you find out how much your domain is worth in dollars by analyzing various factors like the age of your domain name, the validity period of domain name, page rank etc.

  5. image Website Valued – This one is a bit different from others as it uses data from compete to calculate the value of your blog.


Know of any better service? Let us know in the comments.