The Most Popular Way of Sharing Stuff in Internet is Still Email (Digg is losing its grounds while Facebook is gaining like anything)

Sharethis is a usefull web service that enables users to share interesting websites with their friends. Bloggers can add sharethis buttons to their web sites thereby making it easier for the readers to share the contents they find in the blog.

There are other similar services like addthis which provide similar functionality, but sharethis is currently the most popular. Periodically sharethis releases information about people's sharing trends, which gives indication of the popularity of different sharing services. This is the chart that sharethis released recently: (Note: this is the latest chart; sharethis had published a chart earlier this month that they have now retracted as it had some errors).

As can be seen, email is still people's most favourite sharing medium leading at 57.1%.

Facebook is at second place with about 21.2% people using it to share stuff. Facebook has raised their market share by 12.62% since last August.

Digg on the other hand has lost 0.92% of users and is currently having a share of 2.1%.

All most all sharing services (including email) have a declining user base with AIM, Facebook and Twitter being an exception.

We believe we could safely predict that Facebook's and Twitter's share is going to rise while all others are going to take a plunge. What do you feel? Tell us in the comments.