SimilarWeb Firefox Extension Helps You Find More Sites Similar to the One You Are Browsing [Firefox Gyan]

Well, the title explains it pretty much completely. SimilarWeb helps you find websites similar to the one you are currently reading.

We have been playing around with this extension for quite some time and feel no surprise that this one was the winner of the Mini Seedcamp competition that was held in Israel.

This extension adds a little sidebar to your Firefox window and shows a list of websites that it thinks is similar to the currently loaded web page. Though we are a bit grumpy on loosing little screen real estate, we have been quite impressed by the accuracy of results that SimilarWeb churns out. You can hide the sidebar and make it appear only when you want it using a button in the tool bar. In the sidebar, you can view the list of similar websites as a number of thumbnails, as a simple list or as very small icons. You can also vote up or down on the suggested websites and because of which we hope that we’ll get even better suggestions in future.

The extension is in the early stages of development and we have noticed a number of minor quirks here and there. Overall, it tends to make Firefox a bit slower and a bit more memory hungry. We would really like to see these rough edges getting straightened in future releases.

IE fellows will have to wait a bit longer as an IE version is under development.

This one is a god send for students, researchers and bloggers. Get it here.

SimilarWeb web site | Direct Download Link