How To Download Zip, Rar, Tar.gz and 7z files Even When They Are Blocked [Office Gyan]

Corporate offices, schools and colleges often block compressed files like zip, rar, tar.gz and 7z to prevent the spreading of viruses and to prevent users abusing their bandwidth. If you find this restriction quite uncomfortable and illogical, we give you a possible work around here.

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WobZIP is a new web application that gives you online decompression of all popular compression formats like zip, rar, .7z etc. The feature that caught our attention is that you can give the url of a compressed file instead of uploading it and later download the contents of that file.

Go to WobZIP, select uncompress from a url. Now paste the url of the compressed file url into the text field and hit enter. WobZIP uncompresses the zip file and gives you a list of files in that archieve that you can download individually.

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