Ubuntus For The Religious Geek

After Ubuntu Linux proved to be quite a success, there has been a multitude of people who created spin-offs of this distro.

A spin-off is a modification of a Linux distribution. The developers change the Ubuntu branding, add their custom branding, themes and applications and launches it as a brand new Linux distro.

In today's Linux Gyan column, we introduce you to four Ubuntu spin-offs that are aimed at religious folks.

Ubuntu Christian Edition

Ubuntu CE is a remastered Ubuntu aimed at Christians.


In addition to the standard Ubuntu applications, this distro comes with additional softwares aimed at Christians like Xiphos, BibleMemorizer and BibleTime. It also comes with DansGuardian – a prominent web content filtering software along with a GUI tool to easily configure it.

Ubuntu Christian Edition


Ubuntu Muslim Edition

Ubuntu ME is a rebranded Ubuntu distribution that ships a number of software packages (in addition to the standard Ubuntu packages) that help Muslims in their daily religious chores.


Some of the applications that are bundled with this distro are minbar (an Islamic prayer times application), zekr (a Quranic Study Tool), monajat (popups prayers every predetermined time) a Hijra calendar and the DansGuardian web filtering software.

Ubuntu Muslim Edition




Much details of this disro aren’t available. The site jewbuntu.org gives details but claims that there is no distro that is released yet. However, another site jewbuntu.com gives links to download the disto.



Ubuntu Satanic Edition

Ubuntu satanic edition is a remastered Ubuntu that gives a dark and malevolent look to your desktop.


Their is nothing evil about this distro apart from the name (so feel free and eat the apple).

Ubuntu Satanic Edition


We would never dare to stop a post like this without mentioning the ubiquitous Jesux distribution. Jesux is a tongue-in-cheek fictional Linux distribution that aims to be an operating system for Christians (this started much before the Ubuntu Christian edition, so Jesux cannot be a parody of Ubuntu CE). Anyway, head over to Jesux page if you want a good laugh. (Oh, and by the way you spelled Jesux wrong. It’s pronounced “Hay-sooks”).

What do you think of these Linux distributions? Know of any other similar ones? Tell us in the comments.