Check Whether Your Computer Can Run Windows 7 With Microsoft’s Upgrade Advisor

Windows Vista was a bit greedy when it came to minimal system requirements to run it. Windows 7 is supposed to change that. According to Microsoft, Windows 7 will be able to run on most humble of system configurations without affecting the user experience.

Now, if you are someone with an old PC and are wondering whether you will be able to run Windows 7 on it, Microsoft has released a tool just for you.

This tool named “Windows 7 upgrade advisor beta” will scan your system and let you know whether you’ll be able to run Windows 7 in it or not. We ran Upgrade Advisor on a pretty old Windows XP machine and have captured the screenshots here.

This is the screen that you’ll get on running Upgrade Advisor:


Click Start Check to begin the system scan:


When the check is over, you’ll be presented with a nice report on what all will work and what will not. For eg: Upgrade Advisor found that the PC we tested was a bit low on Hard Disk space and the current graphics card will not be able to support the Windows Aero user interface. It also listed the softwares that will be problematic once you switch over to Windows 7.


In case you want to save this report for future use, just hit the Save Report button and it will be saved as an HTML page.


Download Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor beta