Get Windows 7 Superbar in Windows XP & Vista with ViGlance [Daily Download]


Windows: Official Windows 7 release is still a couple of months away and if you are eager to try out the awesome superbar of Windows 7 that everybody keeps talking about, without installing the beta version of Windows 7, try ViGlance.

ViGlance brings the Windows 7 superbar features to Windows XP and Vista. Once installed and run, you’ll find your taskbar more cleaner, organized and usable. All windows of same process are grouped together. Taskbar items are shows as large 48X48 icons instead of the earlier 16X16 icons displayed in XP and Vista. Users of Windows XP will find the change from the bulky start menu button to the stylish small start orb quite refreshing. The start orb is now enhanced with a smooth rollout transition effect which is quite a change from the Vista orb. The information about taskbar entries are shown as a sliding animation as you mouse over the taskbar icons.

ViGlance is a free download for Windows XP. Vista and Windows 7.

Download ViGlance

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