How To Search Google & Bing Simultaneously [Web Apps]


Bing is becoming the new Google. Who would have guessed that the yet-another-search-engine-attempt-from-microsoft-to-beat-google would really turn successful?

Well, it surely seems that Microsoft has finally worked its magic this time as Bing has become the 13th most visited site on the web. According to Compete, Bing’s traffic has overtaken that of other prominent sites like Digg, Twitter and CNN.

Now, for those people who would like to switch to Bing, but finds Google to be unavoidable, we present you two new web services that allows you to search both Google and Bing together in a shot.

1. AskBoth.com


AskBoth.com is a new Web 2.0 search engine that combines the results from Google and Bing and displays them side by side. Note that entire Bing page or Google page is not displayed, but just the results are displayed here.

2. Bing-Vs-Google.com


Bing-Vs-Google.com is another similar site. The difference is that it displays the actual Google and Bing page itself side by side and you can scroll down both the sides using a single scroll bar. Pretty neat if you want to compare Google and Bing for a particular keyword.

By the way, can you spot something fishy on comparing the two screenshots?