How to Prevent Timeout of Image Title Text Tooltip in Firefox

Readers of the prominent web comics xkcd would have had the pain at least once. The author adds witty comments to his comic strips using the html ‘title’ attribute of an image. To read this, one needs to hover his mouse over the comics image and Firefox pops up a little tooltip box containing the text. But the comments are often too long and before one can read it fully, the tooltip will timeout.

Unfortunately, this tooltip timeout period is not configurable in Firefox. Not via preferences and neither via about-config.

Well, Thomas Bertels seems to have noticed this and he decided to make a Firefox addon just for this. The addon, aptly named No Tooltip Timeout removes the timeout of tooltips. That means the rollover text would be visible as long as your mouse is over the image. And to make the tooltip disappear, just move the mouse away from the image.

No Tooltip Timeout is a free download for Firefox 1.5 – 3.5 Windows/Linux/Mac.

No Tooltip Timeout [addons.mozilla.org]