Get Windows 7 Calculator In Vista

Windows 7 has introduced a completely revamped Calculator program (calc.exe) that has created enough oohs and aahs among users.
Lifehacker has done a great screenshot tour of the new calculator, that you can see here.
Two new modes got introduced in this version of calculator – statistics and programmer. There are also a number of ‘templates’ that are built-in, using which you can do your normal, everyday calculations like unit conversion, finding gas mileage, wage calculation, mortgage and lease payments more easily.
Vista users who want to try out this new calculator can download this zip file, extract it to any location and run the calc.exe file. If you wish to replace the existing calc.exe, first make a backup of C:\Windows\System32\calc.exe and replace it with the one in the archive. Similarly, backup C:Windows\System32\en-US\calc.exe.mui and replace it with the one in the archive.
Download Windows 7 Calculator For Vista